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Le federazioni e il mercato dell´organizzazione degli eventi sportivi: uno sguardo al passato per cercare di capire il presente ( ed immaginare il futuro)

During the 90s, sport was transformed in a product of entertainment with an incredible economic importance, thanks to sponsorship and advertising. Sports federations, because of their authority, performed an economic monopoly position: the question was about if they were allowed to prevent the rise of new kind of sports events and to keep out other subjects of that market. The european Commission ...
di Stefano Bastianon, Professore associato di Diritto dell’Unione europea nell’Università degli Studi di Bergamo.

La gara per l´assegnazione dei diritti di trasmissione di eventi sportivi, tra diritto pubblico e privato

This work gives a new public qualification to the procedure of collective selling of sports broadcasting rights. This is due to the kind of interests involved and the tight connection between interest to competition and the social function of sport, meant as a general-public interest. Public aspects are also showed by the features of the main players: private companies which have to care public ...
di Francesco Goisis, Professore Ordinario di Diritto Amministrativo nell’Università di Milano.

Contro lo spettro del neo-pubblicismo: sul carattere privatistico delle leghe sportive e delle procedure di commercializzazione dei diritti audiovisivi

This article considers if it is appropriate to apply public law rules to private law entities. The privatization of public enterprises and the liberalization of markets caused two effects: on one hand the establishment of regulatory systems direct to pro­mote competition and to protect consumers, on the other hand a misapplication of public law rules. This issue has recently regarded the ...
di Giulio Napolitano, Professore ordinario di Diritto Amministrativo nell’Università degli Studi Roma Tre.

Calcio e trasferimenti: un´analisi economica

Before “Bosman” ruling the migration of players was limited by high transaction costs (transfer fees) and «three-plus-two» rule whereby in European competition the number of foreign players were restricted. The European Court of Justice, in this judgement, considered those restrictions in contrast with the freedom of movement of workers ...
di Mariateresa Maggiolino,  Associate Professor (L. 230/5), Diritto Commerciale, Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi”.

Lo sfruttamento economico dell´immagine degli sportivi

The success of the personality merchandising contracts, promoting economic exploitation of the image of the celebrities, in particular professional athletes, highlights how, nowadays, the theme of the image rights does not deals only with the protection of individual rights, but is also inclusive of relevant property rights aspects. These aspects, in certain areas, are eligible to be even more ...
di Maria Pia Pignalosa, Professore a contratto presso il Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza della LUISS Guido Carli di Roma.


La responsabilità civile del gestore di un´area sciabile

The Courthouse of Trento established the responsibility of the manager of the ski area, for accidents occurring to the users in the event of impact with installed signage on the outside of the track, is subject to the discipline of non-contractual liability (art. 2043 c.c.), and there’s no need to remove the typical risks of the ski track.
di Filippo Bisanti, Dottore in Giurisprudenza.

In tema di plusvalenze da calciomercato ed obiettiva incertezza della norma tributaria

Regarding the tax treatment with respect to the Regional Tax on Productive Activities of the gains originating from the transfer of football players from a sports club to another, the existence of conflicting court decisions over several years up until the publication of an opinion by the Administrative High Court (Consiglio di Stato) entails an objective uncertainty of the applicable law; ...
di Giuseppe Persico, Avvocato.


Fusioni, scissioni e conferimenti d´azienda di società calcistiche: il regolamento speciale delle norme interne di federazione (NOIF)

The organization of the Italian Football Federation (“Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio – F.I.G.C.”), through internal set of rules (norme organizzative interne federali – N.O.I.F.), provides specific guidelines, in addition to those included in the Italian Civil Code, for mergers, demergers and transfer of company concerning sport clubs affiliated to the Federation. In ...
di Vittorio Occorsio, Notaio e Ricercatore di Diritto Privato presso l’Università Telematica Pegaso.

Le multiproprietà delle società professionistiche. Analisi della normativa e ipotesi di riforma del sistema

This article explanes the theme about ownership in the professional football clubs, in fact it has become a matter of topical interest club in football. There are many examples: Pozzo’s family have Udinese Calcio, Granada F.C. and Watford F.C.; Mr. Claudio Lotito has S.S. Lazio and Salernitana Calcio; Sheikh Mansour has Manchester City F.C., Melbourne Heart F.C., Yokohama Marinos and New ...
di Alessandro Capuano, Avvocato.

Società di calcio, tassazione IRAP e condizione di incertezza della norma tributaria

The paper aims to explain the financial and accounting treatment of capital gains and losses from sale of football players. Also it presents the controversial nature of economic and legal aspects of professional athletes transfer. Two opposed dogmatic orientations have created some uncertainty for the sport clubs. On 2012, the administrative judge decided to frame this agreement as typical ...
di Francesco Saverio Verga, Dottore Commercialista – Revisore Contabile – Coordinatore area scientifico didattica di Diritto Tributario e docente presso la SSPL dell’Università Europea di Roma.

Tra stato e società: le federazioni sportive nel perimetro mobile delle amministrazioni pubbliche

This article seeks to analyze the issue of the legal nature of the Italian sports federation, offering a critical overview of Italian and European definition of public administration. Indeed, following the Italian normative framework, sports federation are formally private bodies, even though they act also to protect public interests. The article aims especially to understand whether sports ...
di Andrea Averardi, Assegnista di Ricerca in Diritto Amministrativo nell’Università degli Studi di Roma Tre.

Profili risarcitori nel procedimento disciplinare sportivo e giurisdizione esclusiva del giudice amministrativo

he essay is focused on judicial remedies pertaining to (illegitimate) administrative decisions issued within sports legal framework. From a general standpoint, Italian sports law reserves claims for compensation for the so called «exclusive» jurisdiction of the administrative judge, even though sports law in itself is characterized by many distinctive features that make it sometimes ...
di Alberto Buonfino, Avvocato e dottore di ricerca in diritto amministrativo.


La nascita dell´industria sportiva in Italia. Una prima periodizzazione

The aim of the research is trying to describe the history of sports industry in Italy, from its origins to the end of the Second World War, considering its relationships both with Italian economic and sports history. The periodization points out three main phases or steps: the beginning of a sports industry, linked to industrial take-off in Italy (1896-1914); the changes determined by the Great ...
di Eleonora Belloni, Borsista di ricerca presso il Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Internazionali dell'Università di Siena.